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Wizard101 Hack Menu (First of it's kind... i think)

Wizard101 Hack Menu
Created by Coridex73
How to use:
Inject McDonaldsFreeFries.dll into WizardGraphicalClient.exe.
I would recommend using my injector: Here

Press INSERT to open the menu.
Press HOME to teleport to the quest waypoint. (reduces travel)
Press '[' (open square bracket) to add 40% to mount speed. (only do this once, you will be kicked otherwise)
Press ']' (closed square bracket) to subtract 40% from mount speed. (this is only for reverting the speedup)
Press F11 while in the Dye Shop, to make all Dyes free. (Zero Gold)
Press F10 while in battle to make every hit critical.
Press F4 to enable AutoSpam. (type in the box first)

More hacks coming soon, such as enabling Open Chat, Static Health, and Static Mana.

NOTICE: Although me or anyone else to test this hack has not been banned, this hack may not be fully undetected.

MSG me for any help.

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