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Crack Roblox BruteForcer V0.2

Alright you guy's wanted it i made it 

It didn't take all this time by the way i had other projects to work on and busy with learning python 

When i was making the app in python i was done with it but i converted it to C# later on!

The app took me 3 - 4 hour to make while doing stuff in real life stuff like eating, playing ps4 etc. 

Username list
Password list
Proxy list << haven't tested it uses http proxies!
Cracked accounts are automatically saved

Plays a beep sound when an account is cracked!

Don't know any!

How to use:
Open the usernames.txt paste the usernames in there
Same for the password
Same for the proxies!

Then open the app and let it crack!


Virus scans:

Fake virus 

File is encrypted!

Don't believe check all my other posts in battleon>aqworlds am known there

Make sure the username and password files are not empty when you start the program or it will give you an error! 

Enjoy bro's

<b> Downloadable Files

  • [img class="inlineimg" src="" alt="File Type: rar" title="File Type: rar" style="position: relative; top: 2px; vertical-align: bottom;"> Roblox [Download and Thanks] (172.3 KB, 3558 Downloads)

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